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BR1310G AP issue

                   I have 2 BR1310G APS configured for bridge mode to extend a LAN between two buildings. The setup worked for 3 years flawlessly. One day, they started having network problems across the bridge. Pinging across the bridge shows time-outs and very slow ping times. What we discovered is if you have the bridges islotaed from the networks it works perfectly. If you connect the remote side it works perfectly. If you connect the main side to the bridge the network issues start. The problem comes in when the main LAN side is connected.

I brough both bridges and antennas back to my office and they work perfectly on my network. They are having no network issues on the main LAN side at the customer site. There is no IP conflict because when the bridges are disconnected you cannot ping their IP addresses.

What could interfere with the bridge on the LAN?


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