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BR350 disassioates

I've got a network where I'm using a BR350 as a repeater. Every once and a while about every two weeks or so this bridge will disconnect from the root bridge dropping off all of the repeater's clients in the process. The front panel LEDs indicate no problem except the assioiation light is slowly flashing like it is searching for a network.

Rebooting the radio will fix it for a few more weeks.

This radio and all others in this network are running 12.03T1

What would cause this?



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Re: BR350 disassioates

Is the BR-350 set as a repeater only in the Express Setup ? Or did you also add the MAC address(s) of the adjacent(s) root APs ?


Re: BR350 disassioates


I have not used a BR350 in repeater mode, but whenever we use LEAP on our bridges we have similar symptoms. The bridge will work fine for a few days or weeks but will then disassociate and not be able to reauthenticate on its own. After a reboot it's up and working again for a while. If you are using LEAP try turning that off and turning on WEP keys.


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Re: BR350 disassioates

I had similar issues with 1200 AP's running LEAP. I downgraded firmware to 12.02T1 and those particular problems disappeard.

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Re: BR350 disassioates


This problem is a known bug in softversion 12.03T. Try upgrading to 12.04. We have a simmilar problem. With leap disabled no problem, with leap enabled every two days a reboot. Even with the new 12.04 soft we get this problem....

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Re: BR350 disassioates

dear all,

Same problem we are facing here.But we have already update the latest version(i.e 12.04).But the problem is not solved.Please respond.

One more Question.We are excuted a multi point link.Where as 350 bridge is the root and four bridges and five WBG are connected in same line of sight.The actual doubt is how many links can we put from point to multi point.

Please give us proper suggesion.

My mail ID


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