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Bridge as repeater

Can I use the bridge as repeater?

Can I connect two antenas on aironet bridge 350 and use it as repeater?



Cisco Employee

Re: Bridge as repeater

Hi You can configure Bridge as AP repeater .

The two antenna connector on the bridge is for diversity reason only

You can not use two antenna to cover two different areas .....As one is ON

other is OFF ....

A) Bridge can be made Access Point but Access Point can not be mad Bridge

B) In case of Access Point , there are two mode , Root and Repeater .

If you put AP in repeater mode , ethernet port is disabled . Repeater is

use to extend the wireless coverage ( or to extend the cell where you don't have wired connection ) .

Disadvantage of puttting AP in repeater mode is throughput reduces but half .

You can have chain of 7 repeater .


Lan ----Ap(root) ---AP(repeater 1) ----Ap ( repeater 2) ---->

If you observer that AP ( root ) is only the AP connected to backbone or wired net .

Now if you can connect wired net to all AP than better to put all AP in root mode


Backbone wired net


| | |

Ap1(root) Ap2(root) Ap3(root)

NOw , in case of bridge you can convert it in AP mode or repater AP mode .

If you have bridge in AP mode or repeater mode it bahves as above design .

Bridge has other two modes Root Bridge and NON ROOT Bridge .

Design 1 :

Bridge ( Root bridge ) ------RF ------Bridge ( NON ROOT BRIDGE )

Above is very basic design , two bridges , one root and other non root .

depending on distance and antenna you can cover up to 25 miles .

Design 2

Bridge ( Root ) -------Bridge ( Non root ) ---------Bridge ( Non root )

Now if you want to connect bridges in one continous chain than you can put the bridge in non-root ( which is like repater in bridge mode ) .

Now VERY CAREFULL , YOU CAN NOT DO as designed below

Bridge ( root ) -------Bridge ( repeater ) -----Bridge ( Non root )

Above design is wrong and will not work .

If you have hub and spoke you can do like

bridge 1( non root ) --------Bridge ( HUB ) ROOT ------Bridge ( non root )


Bridge ( root ) -----RF ---Bridge ( non root ) --Wired --Bridge ( root ) ----Bridge ( nont root )

Now saying all this you can have

bridge ( root ) --------bridge ( non troot ) ---Lan --AP -----Wireless clients

Community Member

Re: Bridge as repeater

Hi, thanks

But in the design 2 with bridges:

Bridge ( Root ) -------Bridge ( Non root ) ---------Bridge ( Non root )

If the bridges aironet 350 can´t use two antennas then I will have to use an omnidirecctional antenna for to connect bridges in continous chain, will I have not ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Bridge as repeater

Bridge will use two antennas for diversity not to cover two different YES..You need one omni directional antenna on each bridge..

Community Member

Re: Bridge as repeater

You would be better off using a 2:1 splitter and two antennas connected to the same port. The splitter will cut power to each antenna in half, but you will not pick up 360 degrees of noise, and you can make up for the power loss with higher gain antennas.

One warning, using two grids back to back will create noise - either use yagis, patches, or enough space to avoid stepping on yourself.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

Blue Modal, Inc

Cisco Employee

Re: Bridge as repeater

It should be noted here if you add a splitter that you will be inducing more loss in your sytem that must inculded in your link budget.

You will also have to get your own system certification through FCC as you have modified the system.

The same goes if you use a non Cisco certified antenna.

From the documentation pages

Caution: The Part 15 radio device operates on a non-interference basis with other devices operating at this frequency when using integrated antennas or those listed in Table B-1. Any changes or modification to the product not expressly approved by Cisco could void the user's authority to operate this device.

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