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Bridging problem with multiple vlans

Hello Everyone, I am using two 1310 bridges in a root / non-root setup. The switches on both sides of the wireless bridge were setup to trunk native vlan 253. Each wireless bridge also had vlan 253 setup as a Radio and Ethernet Interface. In this config, the wireless bridges could associate and ping each other, but the switches on each side could not ping each other?s management vlan interface (Vlan 25). The only way to get traffic to pass to the corresponding switches on each side of the wireless bridge was to use vlan 253 for everything. We also see this problem with some of our other 1310 bridge connections at other plants. Has anyone seen this problem or a similar problem before?

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Re: Bridging problem with multiple vlans

Hi Craig,

I have never done much with bridging so I don't know if this helps :( But I did come across this good doc that discusses the config of Multiple vlans in a bridging environment;

VLANs on Bridges

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Bridging problem with multiple vlans

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the document! I determined the problem to be config related. This document helped me determine what I needed for the bridge configs. Just as a point of reference the only thing I changed was that each vlan had to have a fast ethernet and a radio interface from the original interface. i.e. fastethernet 0."vlan" or fastethernet 0.14 for vlan 14. The same goes for the radio. Also I made sure that each vlan had it's own bridge group. The last part was to make sure that the "dot11 vlan-name "VLAN"" entries were in there for each vlan that I needed trunked across the bridge. The last step was to setup each switch as a trunk on the native vlan and also to include the dot1q encapsulation. I was close but I guess I was missing a few things when I tried it originally. Thanks again for the help!


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Re: Bridging problem with multiple vlans

Hi Craig,

Er, dunno if you have any insight on my issue. I'm trying to get 2 AP1231s (12.3-8) in bridge mode (root/non-root, antennas transmit/receive right) that have 4 VLANs going across the airwaves. Now, the bridges are associated, they can see each other's IP address, but will they ping? Absolutely not! VLAN20 is the native assigned to bridge-group 1, I've tried IP addresses on the BVI1, dot11Radio 0.20 and fa0.20 interfaces with no luck. There's no other fancy configuration options applied, just 4 VLANs going across two associated bridges. Any ideas? Appreciate any assistance you can offer.

I'd already found the document that Rob recommended beforehand and that proved useful in getting the units to associate. Now I just need a ping! A PC connected to the non-root bridge's Ethernet port via a Xover cable is able to ping the non-root bridge but that's as far as it goes.

Root bridge config attached. No IP assigned on this copy but as advised, tried a few scenarios!

Thanks, Paul

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Re: Bridging problem with multiple vlans


Never mind, got 'em pinging! I was going too 'native' on the radio interface!

Now gotta test them with switches hanging off the end of them!

Regards, Paul

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