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Broadcast SSID

I successfully connected a DLink AP (DWL900AP+), as client mode to my Cisco AP350, but it only connects to AP if I set AP352 to Allow "Broadcast" SSID to Associate.

The docs says:

"Use this setting to choose whether devices that do not specify an SSID (devices that are “broadcasting” in search of an access point to associate with) are allowed to associate to this radio."

I will use this connection (Cisco AP with DLink AP client) in an outdoor environment and I´m afraid of many other devices, in the range of the antenna used, get associated to my AP, although it will not be connected without WEP configuration. Any way the list of association devices in the AP could become so big.

I tried to simulate this in lab with a WGB352 in the same range, but there is no way to configure it to broadcast SSID in the menu. So I dont know if it is a real problem.

So, what is the implication in using AP with this option set to yes ?

Thanks a lot.

Cisco Employee

Re: Broadcast SSID

Turning on broadcast SSID on AP allows AP to send SSID in beacon packets .

Beacon is like keepalive packets . Clients like XP , searches for any wireless

network in nearby area to connect to it . So for such clients it is useful to turn

on broadcast SSID . I guess your dlink also worked on same principle and got connected .

As SSID is transmitted in every beacon it is consider as security risk and document suggest not to turn on broadcast ssid .

SSID is NOT for security reason although many people consider ssid as security measure .

Even you turn off broadcast ssid in beacon packet by turning off ssid on ap ,

probe request and proble response will always contain the SSID . there is no

way to hide the ssid .

WGB does not show broadcast ssid as wgb is client device



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