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Bugs in version

It has just come to my attention from Cisco TAC that there are some significatn issues with

I thought that this would be helpful to anyone using this version or considering upgrading to it.

There is supposed to be an emergency release ( available in the March/April timeframe.

Here is a summary of known bugs in

CSCsh47906 WLC:After upgrade to, random AP reloads are observed

CSCsh45987 1020 Series LWAPP access points on Wism controller reboot randomly

CSCsh48977 WLC's IP stack becomes inoperable on a large L2 subnet

CSCsf99924 Daylight savings cannot be set

CSCsh38068 WLAN profile identifier missing from client summary screen and detail

CSCsh38126 WLC virtual interface hostname does not prompt for reboot from CLI CSCsh39110 N Does not allow external antenna for BR1310 in LWAPP mode

CSCsh43557 Cosmetic: Misspelling & miswording in AP Authentication message

CSCsh47269 Upgrade to 4.0 MR2 does not enable broadcast if multicast enabled

CSCsh47364 Enter ? in debug ap command in a telnet/ssh session crash WLC

CSCsh47926 WLC: Serviceability of hardware counters/status

CSCsh49310 A Clear configuration on WLC2006 corrupts image

CSCsh49729 private MIB error of WLC

CSCsh50252 controller is unable to interpret NTP packets correctly

CSCsh50527 NPU Truncates Padding from Unicast ARP Frames

CSCsh50966 WLC does not respond to unicast ARP

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Re: Bugs in version

Thanks for the heads up. We have been running for almost 2 months now. I haven't noticed the AP's bouncing 1030s w/4404 wlc but good to know. I have needed to restart a ap once in awhile to get clients to connect but that not unique to this version.

The only thing I noticed from a direct result from upgrading was a few of the older wireless cards needed their drivers updated. And I've had a wireless G card that couldn't stay connected. Just kept bouncing. Other then that no real serious issues.

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Re: Bugs in version

Thanks. That's good info. I've gotten in the habit of opening a TAC case before any WLC upgrade "just in case". I checked the bug toolkit and couldn't find anything for a few weeks ago, but the TAC engineer still said to stay away from it for now. One would hope an image with problems like this would get pulled from the downloads, but I guess that's not the case.

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Re: Bugs in version

I upgraded to the code about 2 weeks ago, and have not seen any issues. I have 450 AP's running on 4 Controllers, and it looks to be stable at this point

TAC did tell me not to use the 4.0.206 code when I had problems with They gave me file access to the code instead. I had a few controllers randomly become unresponsive to IP traffic. TAC said that there are several bugs for the code for ARP issues.


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Re: Bugs in version

Where did you get code? i have not seen it posted in the cisco download site.

Re: Bugs in version

Any word on when 207 will be available for download? Upgraded to 206 a while back to fix several bugs, and ended up getting more new bugs than were fixed.

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Re: Bugs in version

dvr0, what type of error messages are you getting? what are some of the critical ones? after this particular post, I am leaning more towards staying with my current release.

Re: Bugs in version


I have seen several of the issues listed at the beginning of this post. Right now I have a WISM on that periodically looses connectivity to the 6509 backplane, can't ping and all the AP's drop. I can't access it from the service port either. I discovered if I "shut" and "no shut" the port channel to the WISM, I can then telnet from the 6509 to the WISM's service port and reboot the WISM, if I am quick. The window of connectivity only lasts around 15 seconds. I'm contemplating an upgrade to

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Re: Bugs in version

I'm running now on 5 WiSM's, things are looking good so far. We used to have the same issue as you with the WiSMN lockup on This upgrade will def fix that issue.

Re: Bugs in version

Bit the bullet and upgraded 4 WISM and 3 4404 to late Friday night. Everything went smooth and I think this code is pretty good so far. Fixed the WISM backplane disconnect and the bug # is CSCsf27479.

With the newer releases after 206, Cisco has upped the number of AP's that can concurrently download the new code, so the upgrade process is now much faster.

BTW is now available for download. Going to check it out in the lab, supports TACACS+.

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Re: Bugs in version

Do you have some document on upgrading the WLC from 3.2.193.x to in an enterprise with 2 controllers and 100 APs?

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