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building to other 2 building


I Want to connect building represent the H.O with 2 buildings acts as branches using wireless technology ,I have 3 bridges(1200 series) at each site with parabolic dish's now I need a help to design and implement and configure such this project, PDF Describe such this project is very much appreciated



Re: building to other 2 building


It is almost impossible to give you a detailed answer without more information about the site... this document may help you:

As for the antennas, please keep in mind that your H.O. will need to send and receive from 2 sites, so I am not sure if a parabolic dish, which is very "point to point" (very narrow beam) will be the best one... I would expect more an omni or sector antenna at the HO site, but it depends of course on the distance to the branches.

Have a look at this document, it will give you the antenna beam shapes:

Hope it helps


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Re: building to other 2 building


didn't open,it needs valid account from cisco,pls can u attach it as PDF


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Re: building to other 2 building

Try again. The links provided are freely available to anyone without a CCO account.

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Re: building to other 2 building


what i received

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