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Bulk edit mac filter on NCS Prime 1.3


I was curious to know if there is a way to bulk edit our Mac Filter templates on NCS Prime 1.3? In the mac filter under controller template launch pad > Security > Mac Filtering we have several hundred templates for various devices. We are in need of changing the description field in all these. All the other settings will remain the same. I didn't know if there was a way to export the list, make the changes and import with only the description field changes. Otherwise, I will have to go through each one individually and rename, save and apply to controllers.

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Re: Bulk edit mac filter on NCS Prime 1.3

So you can open a Tac ticket and see if they can take your database and update them for you. I kind of doubt they will, but it's an option.

You could try doing a show run-config commands and take that into notepad or excel and update it and then paste the new commands back into the controllers. Then discover templates on the controllers again to reimport the templates.

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