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Calling all/any Cisco 350/340 & Linksys WAP11 experts! :)


We have some Cisco 350 access points. Is it possible to make them work properly with Linksys WAP11 (Version 2.2)

units? Some more details:-

I have the Cisco set in "Root access point" mode and the WAP11 set in "Client access point" mode.

I have done some experimenting on the bench with these units but I cannot get traffic on the WAP11 ethernet port to

be passed to the Cisco unit.

The WAP11 appears to associate correctly with the Cisco, that is until you try to pass traffic over the link, then

the WAP11 disassociates with the Cisco, re-associates, disassociates etc!

I have tried specifying the MAC address of both the ethernet and wireless interface of the Cisco 350 in the setup

page for the Linksys WAP11.

I have tried 1.009 and 1.01c firmware in the WAP11, the Cisco is using 11.20T I think.

Any help with this project would be *very* welcome.

(Is it possible to make the Cisco 350 access points in to 350 bridges? I am assuming the hardware is probably the same?)



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Re: Calling all/any Cisco 350/340 & Linksys WAP11 experts! :)

I tried the same thing months ago, then decided to spend an hour or so on hold to talk to Linksys Tech Support.

When I asked about the 'client mode' and the description in their documentation that specificallyu said that the unit would operate like a Station Adapter/Client Bridge, they said 'Oh, we didn't really mean that. It doesn't work that way'.

There are good SA/CB devices out there if you want to attach a wired Ethernet device to a WiFi LAN. I know the price of the WGB is a shocker when you only want one Ethernet port. Alternative range from about $200-400.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

New Member

Re: Calling all/any Cisco 350/340 & Linksys WAP11 experts! :)

I have a WAP11 and it specifically states that in client mode this device will only talk to other WAP11 2.2 devices. Remember that repeater mode is not part of the 802.11 standard so each vendor is coming up with his own.

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