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Can I use two antennas on one bridge?

Can I connect two patch antennas on one bridge?

One is for the left and another is for the right of bridge which is inbetween.

Can I do that ?

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Re: Can I use two antennas on one bridge?

The idea of antenna diversity is to solve problems with multipath interference.

Bridges are meant for point-to-point links, and as such only have one antenna connector. If you want to add a "repeater" style function between two bridges, the best method is to use two bridges in the middle, connected by Ethernet.

EG: [Left Bridge] Radio [Middle Bridge 2] Ethernet [Middle Bridge 2] Radio [Right Bridge]

So you end up with four bridges, as two separate point-to-point links. There's plenty of documentation on CCO describing these ideas.

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Re: Can I use two antennas on one bridge?

You can not use two antennas to cover two different area or to speak to two different bridge , Purpose of two antenna connector is for the diversity ,

It listens to one antenna a time , so while it is listening to one antenna , it is

deaf on other antenna .

You may want to have Omnidirection Antenna on the middle bridge , also

you have to configure middle ( hub side ) as root bridge .


( Omni Direction )

br 1---Direction Antenna -- ------ Hub Bridge----------Direction Antenna --br2

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