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Can't broadcast more than 1 SSID

I'm running 12.3(8) JEA3 on a Cisco AIR-AP1220-IOS-UPGRD (PowerPC405GP) processor with 15138K/1236K bytes of memory.

Any way to broadcast more than 1 SSID?

AP-CIS1200 -(config-ssid)#guest-mode

Dot11Radio0: Guest-ssid already existing on ssid XXXX

• Support for Multiple BSSIDs-This feature permits a single access point to appear to the WLAN as

multiple virtual access points. It does this by assigning an access point with multiple Basic Service

Set IDs (MBSSIDs) or MAC addresses.

To determine whether a radio supports multiple basic SSIDs, enter the show controllers command

for the radio interface. The radio supports multiple basic SSIDs if the results include this line:

Number of supported simultaneous BSSID on radio_interface: 8

AP-CIS1200-(config-if)#do sh controllers


interface Dot11Radio0

Radio 350 Series, Base Address 000d.291d.d73e, BBlock version 1.59, Software version 6.00.1

Serial number: AMB072306VG

Number of supported simultaneous BSSID on Dot11Radio0: 1


Re: Can't broadcast more than 1 SSID

Just enable mbssid under the radio interface and then you can add the command "mbssid guest-mode" under each SSID config. This will allow multiple SSID's to be broadcast from the AP.

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