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can't :resetall on a 350AP

I found a cisco 350AP 'laying around' at the office, and am trying to configure it to put to use. The problem however is that the username and password are lost. When trying to reset using a serial connection using the :resetall command, the device keeps prompting me for username and password.

All ciso documentation assumes that you are already logged in, and presented with the summary-screen. However, I need to login first.

How can I reset the device to factory defaults without any username/password?

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Re: can't :resetall on a 350AP

Depending on the boot block version, console into the AP press ctrl-w or esc when booting it up. Then follow the instructions below about copying the keys and formatting.


Re: can't :resetall on a 350AP

Hi Jason,

Thanx for your response. I tried this procedure, however it doesn't work... I have bootstrap version 1.09. During boot-up it doesn't prompt me to press escape for a menu. Pressing ctrl-w, ctrl-x or esc during the boot process does not have any noticeable effects, exept for the characters appearing on my terminal. Pressing one of these keys after the boot-process prompts me for a username (which I am trying to reset..).

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

Isn't there an offline flash-tool which just allows me to flash a new firmware with default settings?

thank you so far,


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