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can't see 340 AP

I have a 342 AP that when powered up, you can see it and try to associate for about 3 secs. after boot process, then it disappears and the only thing that can see it is the other 342 that is in range of it. No clients can see the device using either Cisco or non-cisco cards. I can still use 128 bit WEP, so I assume the install key is still good, and I am not seeing the too many associations error. Anyone have any clue what is going on? The status still show up, but it is in blocking mode, which I read is due to no associations.

Cisco Employee

Re: can't see 340 AP

YES..status (middle LED) blinking geen means no associations..So you mean to say, when the AP boots up, clients can't associate right?

Pl. try to troubleshoot it with just a simple ssid setup..With that verify that the AP works fine with just ssid and after that keep adding other security features like WEP etc..

Community Member

Re: can't see 340 AP

I updated the software to 12.01T and restored to factory defaults and I have it working now. Thank you.

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