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Can we keep list of MAC filterings with the configuration file to load to new WAP4410N WAP?


We are about to purchase 4 additional WAP4410N WAP for four of our remote offices (one for each office)

We are going to have a total of 19 laptops we want to include for each WAP.  Is there a way to either:


1.  Import a list of MAC Address

2.  Save the list in the configuration file and load that configuration file to the new WAP

The laptops will be traveling between the locations and we want them to be able to just 'connect' when they get to each of the new locations.


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MAC filtering is mainly used

MAC filtering is mainly used to allow or deny certain MAC addresses which are defined by you. MAC address filtering provides an additional security check to the network. When MAC address filtering is enabled, even if the attacker knows the credentials of the network they will not be able to access the network because it will block the MAC address of the attacker. This is very useful when you have a small network and when you know the MAC addresses of all the devices that you want to access the wireless network. The objective of this document is to provide the steps to configure a MAC filter on WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Points.

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