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cannot access 4402 controller management IP

I just purchased a wireless controller 4402 and I'm new to using a controller.

I booted it up and I setup the ip address information on it. (management IP, service port IP, AP-management IP).

I'm able to access the device from the CLI thru a serial cable and also if I'm plugged in with a laptop thru the service port.

I am not able to ping or access the device via its management IP address or its service port IP address from any PC on the network.

I tried different settings on the switch port (i.e. trunk, access).


Re: cannot access 4402 controller management IP

Did you place both the management address and the service port address in the same network? This will cause failure as the service port must be out of band.


Re: cannot access 4402 controller management IP

Did you set a vlan for your management interface?

Your management vlan should be 0 if the native vlan (or access vlan) is the vlan for the management interface.

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Re: cannot access 4402 controller management IP

Taken from Cisco 440X Series Wireless LAN Controllers Deployment Guide

Management Interface

The Management interface is the default interface for in-band management of theWLC and connectivity to enterprise services such as AAA servers. The Management interface is the only consistently "pingable" in-band interface IP address on the WLC.

Service-Port Interface

The service port interface must have an IP address on a different subnet from the Management, AP Manager, and any dynamic interfaces. The service port can get an IP address via DHCP or it can be assigned a static IP address, but a default-gateway cannot be assigned to the Service-port interface. The Service-port is typically

reserved for out-of-band management in the event of a network failure. It is also the only port that is active when the controller is in boot mode.

Hope this helps. Please rate when applicable.

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Re: cannot access 4402 controller management IP

Well, it was all kind of weird because I am able to access it now from a different VLAN without a problem and I didn't change anything.

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