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CB21AG and a Wyse Client Bridge v90 Running Windows XPe

Has anyone successfully installed the driver and ADU on a Wyse v90 running Windows XPe?

When I attempt to install the Cisco software for the wireless NIC we are using onto a Wyse V90 running Windows XP embedded, I get the following message. This file does not exist on the disk from Cisco. I did find a copy of it in c:\Windows\System32 but I think that is the one that will be overwritten during install. If I point to the existing file, the install completes but the software does not work. I am able to config using Windows but when I try to turn control over to the Cisco software I cannot configure anything, all options are grayed out and it tells me my hardware is not installed properly.


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Re: CB21AG and a Wyse Client Bridge v90 Running Windows XPe


This may explain your problem it is from the ADU 2.60 Release Notes

computer running the Windows 2000 or XP operating system

Note Windows XP support does not include Windows XP Embedded.

at this link

The release notes for ADU 3.5 do not have this restriction.

What version of the ADU were you using

Good luck


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Re: CB21AG and a Wyse Client Bridge v90 Running Windows XPe


They are running the latest version. this is what I got from cisco tac:

As per the case notes, it seems that wireless card is not working in Windows XPe.

Here's the deal with XP Embedded. It is based upon real Windows XP; however the manufacturers are free to use only subsets of real XP if they want to, so in some cases, particular manufacturers have been known to leave out XP features that are necessary for the CB21AG/PI21AG to function properly.

Since we can't keep track of which manufacturers' XP Embedded implementations will work or won't, we state that XP Embedded is not supported with CB21AG/PI21AG.

What I would recommend for a PI21AG deployment in an XP Embedded environment is this. First, verify that CB21AG works as desired when installed in real XP (SP2 is recommended.) Then, you can install CB21AG the XP Embedded client and see if it works. If you are having problems installing it or getting it to work in XP Embedded while it works fine with real XP SP2, then they should bring up the problem with the equipment manufacturer, and this is case you will need get the manufacturer to make it work or qualify this card as being a card that they officially support on their particular XP Embedded implementation.

Since this is not supported, we as TAC can not troubleshoot or provide additional help directly to this issue, that got a be a a functionality for this Windows XP Embedded that is missing, or not implemented, as the

real XP do.

If you got to replicate this issue on Windows XP SP2, I will definitively provide you our full support for this issue!

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