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Centralised WLAN global deployment cluster locations

I've been trying to wrap my head around what has to be the most annoying thing about wireless: regulatory domains and their limitations.

Now, for EMEA and Americas, this is pretty straight forward, but then I got to APAC...

I'm pretty much stuck about which countries to group onto a WLC without losing too many channels in RRM, but without having to resort to having a dedicated WLC per country.

So far, my gut feeling tells me to put a separate WLC in China and then just group everything else on a central controller.

What do you suggest for countries like India, NZ, Australia etc? Put them on the APAC cluster or somewhere else?

Anyone have any advice/experiences to share?

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Re: Centralised WLAN global deployment cluster locations

Jimmy: forgive me if i couldn't understand your point.

If you have APs in china, india, US, EMEA...etc, ou can choose all corresponding countries in the WLC.

now after the AP joins, you can choose from the AP config to which country this AP belongs.

Is this what you want?

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Re: Centralised WLAN global deployment cluster locations

Hey Amjad,

not exactly what I meant...

I was checking the available channels you have when setting multiple countries in a WLC.

The list  of channels is the restrictive common channels. For example, if you add Japan and China into one WLC, you have no usable channels in the 5GHz band.

So, for the same example, would you split off China or Japan onto a separate controller.

Then you would have some options of using 5GHz at least. Depending on which one you split off, the available channels in 5GHz are different, so has impact for for example India as well.

Hope that's more clear.

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Centralised WLAN global deployment cluster locations

Well Steve blogged about this a few months ago:

I guess there is no real answer than taking a look at what country code supports what channels and decide how many channels are available if you use multiple country codes in a WLC.  This may end up being that you may want to have one country with its own WLC to have enough channels.  The hard part is that you need to know how many channel you need that will provide the RF you want.  So you are on point here, its too bad that the WLC can't just determine what country code the AP's will use and still provide all the available channels for that AP.

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