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Change Bridge 340 American System to European System


Is it possible for the equipment Aironet Bridge 340 (American System) to use the European frequency channels 12 and 13 of 802.11b? This Bridge was installed in Europe, and the channels 12 and 13 are less congested, we'de like to use those channels, but the American System Bridge 340 doesn't allow that.

We belive that it is possible to do that by changing some parameter on the service menu of the equipment.

When we try to enter the service menu it gives the following message:

--- On the first bridge---

>Radio address is 00409649653a

>Enter a password :

--- On the second Bridge---

>Radio address is 0040964981b6

>Enter a password :

Please advise,

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: Change Bridge 340 American System to European System

Unfortuantly this can not be changed in the field, only in the factory.

It is not recommended to move a device from one domain to another as your Aironet device may no longer meet the local regulations, it is not only the channels that change but also there is different restrictions on EIRP.

Sorry it was not better news for you.

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