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Channel Overlap Question

We are using Cisco 1200 AP's(802.11b). If I had an area where there is channel overlap, how would I know that it does exits? Is there certain errors to look at on the AP's? I don't see anything in the log to reflect that it could be occuring.

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Re: Channel Overlap Question

Try using the Radio Diagnosis tool from the Ap1200 config page. It should show you the noise (S/N) on each channel. Trun-off radio port on one of the APs( with the same channel) and check the noise and compare the difference in noise levels.

If there is a channel overlap the client commnunication (packets) would be affected and might be displayed in the client properties page on the AP1200s.

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Re: Channel Overlap Question


the best way is to use e.g. AirSnort (or a SpectrumAnalyzor) and look for all used Channels in your neighborhood. If you see any other Channels the only way is for you : make use of directed antennas.

If you have overlapping Channels in your neighborhood

you can see on the ACU, frequently errors in the statistic menue.

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