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Cisco 1130 AS repeater.

Hi all.

I have succesfully configured a Cisco 1231 AP and a Cisco 1131 AP AS a repeater. It works just fine with iphones, ipads and one of my PCs. However, two HP PCs that have Intel Centrino Ultimate wirelesscard looses connection to Internett when they roam to the repeater. They are able to ping and telnet the repeater, but no traffic passes it.

Intel support forum suggests playing with the roaming aggressiveness setting, but no avail. I assume its a driver/intel issue, but maybe someone here has some tips?


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Re: Cisco 1130 AS repeater.

If it's an issue with a few devices and you have determined its a certain brand or model, then it's most likely the device. Not much you can do on the repeater end as far as configuration. I would look at using a different driver or if you have the latest, maybe downgrading to a lower version.

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I have the same problem. Did

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?


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Refer the link : https:/

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No, I did not. However, I got

No, I did not. However, I got the to clients working somehow. Don't remember what I did, but it is still operational after 2 years. There is a througput issue though. Clients connectet to the repeater have far less than half of the throughput.

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Thank you for your replyI

Thank you for your reply

I think the problem is identical to that



Have the parent AP be the one running the most recent AP model.


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