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Cisco 1200 Tuning

I have about 10 Cisco 1200s.  They are spaced out pretty well throughout my building.  There does not seem to be that many dead spots that I have noticed.  My question is about clients accessing the APs.  We have nearly 175 computers on a one time.  Each access point seems to have 65-80 clients assosiated with them all the time.  Is there something I can do to tune them to drop inactive connections or something?

It seems like they start to perform badly after they get so many clients on them.  I have read that the 1200s should only have up to 50 connections at one time, and that the AP will only go as fast as the slowest pc connected.  I have set each of them to require 18Mbps and disable lower speeds.  I have also made sure the channels are set to 1,3,11.  We are using authentication on the APs with 3 SSIDs

Any tips would be great!

Here is the software version:

Product/Model Number:AIR-AP1121G-A-K9
Top Assembly Serial Number:FTX0920V0V0
System Software Filename:c1100-k9w7-tar.123-8.JEC
System Software Version:12.3(8)JEC
Bootloader Version:12.3(2)JA3
System Uptime:14 weeks, 6 days, 22 hours, 53 minutes


Re: Cisco 1200 Tuning

This maybe a typo, but your channels should be 1,6,11 not 1,3,11 as this can cause some serious issues and if you have 10 AP's and 17

5 computers how do all the AP's have 65-80 clients associated??

You have 18mbps set as the mandatory speed make sure all your clients support 802.11g

Also depending on the type of traffic 50 clients per AP maybe too many, remember that wirelss is half duplex so if you have an 18mbps connection your probably going to get about 9mbps best case and if they are truly 1200's then you have a 100mbps maximum link to the network so it if you have 50 users, that's 2mbps each accross the LAN link so even if they have a 9mbps wireless link they are still only pushing 2mbps at the switch.  Now if it's jsut internet browsing not a big deal, where the issue comes in is if they are doing a lot of file sharing, remote desktop, citrix, etc.

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Re: Cisco 1200 Tuning

Yes sorry. The channels are set to something in the 1,6,11 set - and are on multiple floors.  I also had the set of APs on just one floor in mind when I posted the number of clients on an AP.  The one floor has the 175 computers but there are a number of others that users roam around with.  We are a school.

Mostly the traffic is - folder redirection, light file sharing, internet (streaming included).

It is good to know about the 18Mbps answer, maybe Ill crank up the required speed to something higher.

Cisco 1200 Tuning

Hello Ken,

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