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Cisco 1200

What do I need to do in order to upgrade my AP so

that it will support Dual band (a,b) ?


Re: Cisco 1200

I believe you only need to add the second radio module. It can be ordered as a separate part and installed in the field / by the end-user.

I think you also need to update to IOS from VxWorks ... maybe not.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Cisco 1200

yes, this is all correct-- you can upgrade an AP1200 from 802.11b to 802.11g by replacing the internal Mini-PCI radio. This upgrade module will be available in November. This will require an IOS upgrade as well, also available next month. You can additionally add an 802.11a CardBus radio to achieve dual band support.

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Re: Cisco 1200

Speaking of which:

Can I do two 802.11b cells with the 1200 and when G is available can I do one cell as B and the other as G? Can I also do two b/g cells or a b/g cell and a b or g cell? What I need to know is can I mix and match approved b and g radio cards/configs using the two radio ports in the 1200? Can I mix and match cells according to the matrix below?


Radio slot 1 Radio slot 2

B only cell B only cell

G only cell G only cell

B only cell G only cell

G only cell B only cell

B/G cell B/G cell

B cell B/G cell

G cell B/G cell

Will support for 802.11e(qos) 802.11i and 802.11h(inter access point protocol) support be available via a downloadable flash upgrade in the future?



I am about to purchase some for a wireless proof of concept project and the flexability of the two radios is important. For example, I may want two B cells one on channel 1 for data and one on channel 11 for voice covering the same region.

Thank you and regards...


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Re: Cisco 1200

I forgot that the 1200 second radio is for an A module but can it use a second b module or is it A exclusivly? Meaning that is the 1200 only for b and a

no a and a and no b and b?

New Member

Re: Cisco 1200

the 1200 is only a and b compatible OR a and g with the replacement of the mini-PCI from b to g.

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Re: Cisco 1200

In order to support Dual mode a/b you need an 11 watt power injector

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