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Cisco 1310 Bridge Default gateway issue

Hi I wonder if anybody has seen this problem in  bridged netwrok environment. We have a pair of Cisco 1310 bridges configued betweeen 2 buildings the config on each is simple one as a root bridge the other as non root no spanning tree is running and source route learning is turned off. We had both on in the past. One side of the network has a link out to the internet. About 3 -4 times a day the IP address on the default gateway becomes unreachable i.e cant be pinged. Only a reboot of one or other of the bridges corrects the issue. This happens only during the day when the netwrok is in use. When this happens everything inside the network works fine and everbody can see everbody else. The ISP can see intot eh netwrok and can ping our devices but we cannot see out of the netwrok.It is really wierd

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