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CISCO 2125 very poor design or i'm missing something?

CISCO 2125 bad design by Cisco, product development should revise.

I noticed Cisco product sales support staff is pushing 2125 WLAN controller as great WLAN solution. They got me into considering one as something what will work just fine.

I strongly disagree, this product is extremely poor design and it is missing gigabit port for LAN connection.

This product will support 25 APs with its eight 10/100 Mbps ports. Only 6 APs can be linked per port. So for 25 APs you are already using 5 ports. Per manual POE ports 7 & 8 should not be used for anything other than single AP so that leaves you with only 1 port #6 to connect to your LAN.

Yes, that is true, 100Mbps for all the WLAN users on the 25 access points and product is advertised to support high speed N wi-fi capable of doing 300Mbps per user node. What a nonsense? makes no sense even for lightweight use.

Makes you wonder who approved such product for production and what a bad design on the $6K piece of equipment

CISCO please put a Gigabit port on the 2100 series or stop marketing and pushing such poorly designed product


Re: CISCO 2125 very poor design or i'm missing something?

I don't know who you discussed your design with but you were not educated on the use of the product very well. The 2125 is meant to support more than 12 APs in a very light client deployment of 20 or fewer users. If you need more horsepower then you need the 4402-25. This is a reseller issue and not a Cisco design issue. I have deployed over 300 2100 series controllers and the only problem I have is with customer education. See the attached guidelines.

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