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Cisco 340 along with Linksys Wireless Router

I am using Linksys Etherfast wireless ap + cable/dsl router (model BEFW11S4). I want to use cisco 340 to repeat wireless signal. My Cisco NIC changes from Linksys to Cisco wireless signal but it looses IP configuration. Linksys is my DHCP server as well. Has anyone tried this or any recommendation.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Cisco 340 along with Linksys Wireless Router

Is the Cisco set up on the LAN or is it a wireless repeater? If it is on the LAN, it will probably never work until there is a LAN standard for handoffs from AP to AP. That is not currently in the standards. It may work better if the Cisco is a wireless repeater. Make sure it is on the same frequency as the Linksys. If this is a business, use the Linksys as a cable router and disable the wireless part of the unit and use the Cisco as the wireless link. It has more power and probably more sensative receiver systems. Then if you need more APs buy more Cisco APs as they will hand off properly to each other.

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Re: Cisco 340 along with Linksys Wireless Router

Thanks a lot. By turning off Wireless on linksys and connecting root cisco ap to linksys via ethernet cable and having another cisco ap acting as repeater everything works well. Now I am trying to figure out why wouldn't cisco as repeater work with linksys wireless as root? Any ideas?? Does it have any thing to do with a bridge vs access point issue? Is Linksys really a bridge. I'm using Linksys etherfast wireless ap + cable/dsl router.


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