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Cisco 3702i running on a WLC 8500 Drawing low power from 2960s

Hi .. 

I keep getting alarm errors in Prime 2.1.

"Access point 'AP01' associated with controller 'WLC-01'
draws low power from Ethernet. Failure reason: 'The AP draws 15.4
watts from Ethernet'.

Prime is running version 2.1

WC is a 8500 running software version

2960s is a WS-C2960S-48FPD-L running Version 12.2(55r)SE

I have all ready done the following & still getting the same results :

1)Used the port command "power inline port maximum 30000

2)check & unchecked the box marked pre-standard power

3)Enabled CDP on the AP and PoE+ Switch 

4)check & unchecked "Pre-Standard State" and "Power Injector State"

Any help with this would be most appreciated .






New Member

Have you swapped the cable

Have you swapped the cable?

Sorry to be so rudimentary, but when I'm stumped I start back at L1 and work my way up.

New Member

Thanks for your reply , but i

Thanks for your reply , but i have the same problem for AP02 &AP03 ..and  they are brand new cables ..

New Member

I've also have same problem

I've also have same problem with 2960+PC-L

I've got several 1702i installed on campus in 2960x (12ports PoE+) and 2960 (24 ports PoE 15.4)


As the cisco Air 1702i are consuming 16.8w in PoE+ switches and in PoE Switches are consuming only 15.4w the Prime Infrastructure are all the time sending me a trap "the AP draws low power from Ethernet".


There a way to disable these trap message?

Could be similar to the below

Could be similar to the below bug, Please the TAC notes at the bottom

AP process CDP packet addressed to bogus multicast address

All AP1252s in a given VLAN, which are on switchports configured for extended
PoE (16.8 or 20W), may intermittently see their power draw simultaneously
drop to 15.4W.

At the same time, the APs will each log a message similar to the following:

AIR-LAP1252AG-A-K9 (001e.bead.7c5f)


Another AP in the AP1252's broadcast domain intermittently transmits
a CDP packet to a bogus multicast address (i.e. one other than
0100.0ccc.cccc), such as fdc8.a414.cccc.


On all of the access-ports to which the APs are connected, configure
a mac access-group that filters out non-IPv4 multicasts that are not
addressed to valid multicast MAC addresses.

For example:

Cab4-Cat4507Rc(config)#mac access-list extended WOOF
Cab4-Cat4507Rc(config-ext-macl)#deny any any
Cab4-Cat4507Rc(config-ext-macl)#int gig1/2
Cab4-Cat4507Rc(config-if)#mac access-group WOOF out

(this blocks all non-IPv4 traffic that is not sourced by the switch.)

Further information: So far two TAC cases have been reported to Cisco matching
this bug. In both cases only one Access Point was transmitting these CDP
packets causing all other Access Points to drop the power consumption. In both
cases an RMA was done for the faulty Access Points.

If you require any help in isolating whether you are facing this bug on your
deployment please open a TAC Service Request.
New Member

Update : With cdp enabled and

Update :


With cdp enabled and power inline consumption 20000 command it works , but if i set the power inline to auto is reverts back to 15.4 watts on the switch and cannot draw the 16.8 the 3702i AP needs !!

Why can this not work with the auto command and only with static inline power commands ??

New Member

I have a similar issue but i

I have a similar issue but i use Avaya switches.

The 3702, even when cdp is disable, at boot time says: %CDP_PD-4-POWER_OK: 15.4 W power - INJECTOR_CONFIGURED_ON_SOURCE inline power source


The AP never gets full power from the switch, the switch is configured to provide power information through LLDP.


Is there any way to disable CDP at boot??


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