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Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

As stated above i have a 4400 wireless controller and a air-lap1242AG-A-k9 access point.

I have the wireless controller all setup and it seems the LAP ap can not find the wireless controller. i do a Lwapp debug and it scrolls Could not discover any WMAR. I tried to search around but nothing comes up.

I have the wireless controller set to Layer 3 as its on vlan 60. The ap is on vlan 5 on a different subnet. Do i need to set something up to have the lwapp broadcast find the wireless controller?

If i put the wireless ap on the same vlan as 60 it will get an ip address (i can see it in the dhcp saying its getting one) but i cant ping the address and it still shows the error could not discover any MWAR.

thanks for your time!

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Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues


when you configure your WLC and the APs in a different VLANs, you need to tell the APs how to fine the WLC. the APs will broadcast tring to find the WLC, but no one will answer them. you can try several things:

1. use option 43, adding the WLC's IP address in the DHCP Server scope.

2. use a DNS

3. configure each AP with the WLC's IP Address

you can fine here more informaion.

good luck


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Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

You can also try to configure an 'ip helper address' at the interface(Vlan) where the AP is.

Hope it helps


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Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

I don't yet have one of these 4400s but am looking at purchasing some of them. Very much interested in seeing that you are successful in your layer 3 environment. We also have a layer 3 network and it is essential this work.

If the 4400 gives out the addresses, make sure your Interface VLAN 5 for the APs all have an IP Helper Address for your 4400 device.

Keep us posted!


Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues


These controllers were developed by Airespace to work in layer 3 environments faster and more reliable than Cisco's then wireless SWAN solution. I have deployed over 350 controllers to date and only 2 of those were layer 2 lwapp deployments. If you ever have any questions about functionality please feel free to ask.

Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

by the way....sharon-b is correct. Try those methods of controller location and all will be well.

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Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

For one, you have the WLC on vlan 60, make sure on the management interface and on the ap-manager interface you have it tagged for '0' meaning untagged. On the switch port where the WLC connects to the switch, configure the trunk for native vlan 60. Reboot the WLC.

As for the access point, if you stage the ap's on vlan 60 (easiest i think), make sure there is a dhcp server to hand out ip addresses to the access point. What I would do is change the switchport of the ap to vlan 60 and so a shut then no shut then do this one by one with the other access points. When you are done and want to move the ap's on a different subnet, make sure again there is a dhcp and from vlan 5, you can ping the management interface (verify routing).

On the vlan 5 interface, make sure you have IP helper to the dhcp and ip helper to the management interface (only if you have multiple controllers, this is for mobility).

Try this first before you start with a second controller.

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Re: Cisco 4400 Wireless Controller and AP issues

1. Make sure that the time on your controller is correct.

2. Make sure your certificate time and dates are the right valid dates.

If one and two are correct this will help solve your discovery problem for local vlan connection

3. For LAP to connect accross VLAN make sure you have enable DHCP Option 43.

good luck

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