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Cisco 4402 not showing link

I am installing a Cisco 4402. The port 1 and port 2 link lights will not come up. We tried using fiber and copper GBIC's, but the link will not establish. We made sure the ports we active. Am I missing a simple problem?

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Re: Cisco 4402 not showing link

Make sure your VLAN setting are the same on the WLC and the switch. I had issues like that when I first set our WLC up. But I can't remember if there was a link light or not before it started talking.

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Re: Cisco 4402 not showing link

I checked the VLAN configs on the 4402 and the switch, both are set to trunk. The customer is using non-Cisco sfp GBIC's. Could this be the problem? Is there a list of supported GBIC's for the 4400 series controller?


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Re: Cisco 4402 not showing link

I would use a Cisco GBIC. Here is what I wound up having to set the switch port on our Core Switch to so it would connect to the WLC:

interface GigabitEthernet6/45

description trunk port to Cisco WLC

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1-25

switchport mode trunk

Not sure if that helps or not.

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