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cisco aironet 1200 Series access point dropping clients

We are having an issue where our Cisco Aironet 1220 Series AP is constantly dropping clients. We have 3 APs mounted on a single tower, all out of each others range and freq. There are approximatly 30 clients on each AP. We are noticing an increase in dropped customers (up to 20 at a time). ANy suggestions? This only became an issue in the last few weeks, and nothing major has changed.


Re: cisco aironet 1200 Series access point dropping clients

Not enough info to even guess.

"3 AP's on a tower out of each others range"-

What specifically does this mean? are you using three AP's to associate clients on the ground? How far up are they, what kind of antennas? The only way they would be out of "each others range" is possibly attached to 120 degree sector antennas.

What did the path analysis predict when you did the survey? What are the conditions of the environment? Are you a Wisp or something?

What are the signal strengths and SNR values at the customer locations?

How long has this been up? Did it ever work?

If it did work what were those benchmarks and how far off are you now?

When did this become an issue?

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Re: cisco aironet 1200 Series access point dropping clients


Even I was facing almost the same kind of problem. But in my case it was wired clients to the workgroup bridge 350.

I had done lot of testings and reading at that time to resolve this problem.

However in your case I feel your problem can be resolved by keeping the option "Reliable multicast for Workgroup bridges" disabled in the APs under dot11radio interface settings. This is possibly because the radios cannot associate to more than 20 clients at a time if the option is in the enable mode.

You need to keep this option enabled in a root bridge when you have problems of dropping the wired clients to the workgroup bridge.

By keeping this option enabled, you are actually asking the Root bridges to consider the Workgroup bridges as Infrastructure devices and not as clients thereby making the roots to send all the multicasts to the WGBs. However in that case it losses the efficiency of associating more than 20 clients.

Let me know if this resolves your problem.


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Re: cisco aironet 1200 Series access point dropping clients

I am having dropped issues to with my 1200 AP. I just recently upgraded to c1200-k9w7-tar.123-8.JEA.tar and also installed a G radio in my unit. I wasn't having any issues prior to this, so I am not sure if it is the radio or the new software level. I have three other 1200 AP's in different buildings and on the same software level and I am not having this issue. The only thing that I can figure out that it could be is another Proxim AP in vicinity running on Channel 6. The 1200 is on Channel 1. Or we have some 2.4Ghz telephones in the building that maybe interfearing. What would be your suggestions to look for. In the AP it is set to Least Congested channel. Should I hard code it to a particular channel?


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