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Cisco Aironet 1310 ios problem


I have Cisco  1310 wireless bridge and i don't know how but its operating system  is not working any more i have the operating system  in Tar file but when i try to upload it to the bridge it gives me the below message and i cant figure out what the problem is please help me 

bridge: tar -x tract:// flash:
usage: tar <-table | -x tract> <tar file> <destination>

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Hi,Does 1310 booting properly


Does 1310 booting properly ? Please attach the console output when you power cycle this AP.

If it is properly booting you can try to upload the new image like below . Note that if you could use the 12.4.x image on this model that would be prefer.

1310#archive download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp://




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Hi Manannalage, thank you for

Hi Manannalage,


thank you for your reply i thought Cisco doesnt reply to my request i have attached you the output of the device, i don't have much knowledge can you check it and reply to me i am really devastated.



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Looks like there is an issue

Looks like there is an issue of the boot image. You have to follow steps given in below link recover from this.

NB: Most of us (including me) who respond to your query in this forum are not Cisco employees. We voluntarily support on this forum according to the free time we got. If you want to get direct Cisco support you have to raise a TAC case provided that you have maintenance contract with them for these products.




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Hi,I have managed to Upload a


I have managed to Upload a new IOS using Xmodem and it was working fine Thanks for the advice and now i am being challenged with another issue "Baud Rate"

the story is the IOS that i have uploaded on my the bridge is faulty so i wanted to change the IOS using Xmodem and then i set the BAUD Rate to 115200 and from the moment i change it the bridge gives me unreadable wired characters i  closed the CLI and opened it by changing the consol port to a rate of 115200 and then from that point onwards i dont get any thing on the CLI but the Unkown characters comes appearing i read on some forums and i just learned that i dont have to set the Baud Rate more than 38400. did i make a big mistake? can this be fixed please help me ?

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