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Cisco Aironet 1532E possible to attach 2 patch antenna's??

Hello dear Technicians,

Im on the purchase of a cisco Aironet 1532E with 2 directional patch antenna's (at 2,4Ghz).

But im facing a problem... This Aironet model supports MiMo technology.

In order for that to work, needs 2 antenna's 1 to send and 1 to receive the data. I want to attach 2 patch directional antenna's on that Access point for a larger and better area coverage.

So my question here is:  Can instead of using 2 omnidirectional antenna's with MiMo, use the 2 patch direct. without using the MiMo technology? 1 for each free port (2 ports for 2,4GHz antenna's)

Because this model supports the 2 upper ports for (2) 5GHz antenna's and the 2 ports bellow for (2) 2,4GHz antenna's...

I really need an answer on this question because otherwise i will not be able to use this model for what i need it.

Below is the placement that i want to achieve using the Access point with the 2 antenna's


Waiting to hear news from you..

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cisco Aironet 1532E possible to attach 2 patch antenna's??

From what I know, you can't do that. The reason is the AP would need two radios to perform what you want. The only way to disable mimo is to use one antenna. This is the same for any wireless access point with a single 2.4ghz radio... You can't use a directional antenna pointing opposite directions.

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Cisco Aironet 1532E possible to attach 2 patch antenna's??

I see, thats a bit dissapointing ...

Are there any other options to place 2 directional antenna's at external place?

The 1552E Access point has 3 slots for antenna's. Maybe is possbile to be done, using that one?

Or is there any other possible way that u may suggest?

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