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New Member

cisco PI alarms by group of ports

hi all,


I need to know how can i apply alarms on group of ports if these ports have a utilization of 0%


please advice


thanks in advance

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Doesn't make sense.  Do you

Doesn't make sense. 


Do you want to generate a report about ports that haven't been used since the last time the switch was rebooted?  Or XX amount of days/weeks? 


Or do you want to constantly harassed by PI to tell you "port X/Y/Z" hasn't been used, period.

New Member

hi Leo Laohooوthanks for your

hi Leo Laohooو

thanks for your kindly reply

i need PI to tell me "port X/Y/Z" hasn't been used, period. by e-mail notification.


thanks in advance

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I'm not sure if there are any

I'm not sure if there are any products in the market that will do something like what you are asking:  Regularly determine how many un-used ports and send email of the result. 


The reason is common sense:  Your email will get clogged.  


The best method I've seen, so far, is using SNMP to poll each port and determine how long the ports haven't been used and generate a report.  This method is initiated manually.

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