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Cisco rv180w connectivity problems


We have Cisco rv180w in long term use in our office. Problem is that when in longer use, the device stops working with any device, that tries to connect it wirelesly.

The security mode is open and DHCP type is automatic. I haven't done any spesific configurations to the device. Lease time is 1 hour.

I don't now get what brings up the problem. Today I again heard of the device not working and when I came to test it, the connection said "authetication failure". Now that's a bit strange since there is no authentication needed, since it's open network.

Couldn't figure it out and it's happened this autumn a quite few times.

As I reboot the device, it starts working normally. Untill some time passes ( 1-3 weeks ) and then it's out again.

Anyone got ideas or have heard of problem like this before? We got loads of wireless network devices around here, but at the moment this is most problematic.

Would appreciate some help and ask if got more questions. Basically anyhow, the device runs in most basic settings.

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