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Cisco WAP4410N - not configurable as Wireless Client with WRT610N?


On several workstations I use multiple network to

1 - access Internet and share Printers

2 - communicate within the local area

The second WLAN I need for several NDAS devices.

Due to their own LPX-Protocol these NDAS devices don't work properly with MAC address cloning. In combination with several access points or clients from other manufacturers Wireless N transmission does not work.

So in WLAN 2 I use the Cisco Linksys WRT 610N Router with 2.4 Ghz WLAN.

I intended to use the Cisco WAP4410N in Client Mode to connect a workstation with this router and set up NDAS connection.

Other workstations will directly connect to the router via Cisco Linksys WUSB-600N.

The connection from WUSB-600N to WRT610N works perfectly.

My problem is:

The WAP4410N does not connect to a wireless Network in Client Mode.

(It is not a problem of Channel configuration, Security or Signal strength - because if I connect my workstation via WUSB-600 this works instantly.)

If setup as an access Point it will start up sending competing to my router.

In Network Status it shows no received packages.

In Wireless Client/Repeater Mode there is no connection either.

My question is:

Is the WAP4410N not designed to be used as a Wireless Client?

An if it was - how is it to be set up as one?



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