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Cisco WISM1 to 5760 Implementation Recommendations

Current deployment consists of 16 WISM1s running with ~ 1600 APs (predominately 1242s with some 1131 and even 1231s mixed in). Healthcare environment running multiple clinical applications (fusion pumps, IVs, etc), as well as VoFi, Vocera, and your typical data applications so high availability is critical. My challenge lies in the ability to migrate from the current APs and WISMs to new APs and 5760 with minimal downtime. From what I understand, the 5760 will be running an IOS XE equivalent to AireOS V7.3.x so mobility between the two controllers will not be possible, thus breaking the inter-controller roaming ability. The physical layout of the buildings will make it difficult to segment the new APs from the old APs because eventually you will reach a location where you must roam from an old AP/WISM to a new AP/5760. Has anyone experienced a similar situation and/or could you provide some insight as to how you implemented the solution?


Cisco WISM1 to 5760 Implementation Recommendations

Honestly, knowing that you are going to break mobility and that you are going to have to upgrade some of the AP, 1230s.  There is no easy way.

You're going to have some downtime, there is no way around it.  To mitigate how much you have though, I would stage the new AP and let them join the 5760 and pull their code.

Then floor by floor or area by area, replace the 1230 with the new AP and push the 1130/1240 to the 5760 by chaning the Primary name and IP address.  IF you can't do a floor by floor, make sure you define your areas by where the nurses/doctors/WoW group up at.  i.e. ICU, Neo Natal, etc

It's not perfect, but that should keep your downtime to a minimum.


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Re: Cisco WISM1 to 5760 Implementation Recommendations

1130 and 1240 AP series are not supported by the 5760 WLC. You would need to replace them as well. Seems only N capable APs are allowed to join.

According to the documentation unlike the 3850 the 5760 WLC does support the legacy mobility infrastructure mode meaning that it can talk to 4400 as well as WiSM1 WLC. However I have yet to test that to be definitely sure.



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