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Cisco WLAN and Dell Laptops

I manage a 150-AP wireless network running the 4.0.219 code with WLC 4400 controllers and 1242 AP's . We have a bunch of Dell laptops with Dell branded wireless cards (broadcom chipsets) that will suddenly stop working on our wireless network but will work at hotels, the users home, etc. Currently we give the users a Netgear PC Card and they work fine, but I would like to figure out if there is some issue with these cards.

Does anyone else have any similar issues???


Re: Cisco WLAN and Dell Laptops

Have you recently introduced H-REAP and/or LWAPP into your wireless environment?

In other words, have you recently upgraded your autonomous APs to LWAPP?

The other thing I would check on is whether the

Power Saving mode on the wireless NIC has been changed to CAM (Constantly Awake Mode).

Please let the forum now of your current circumstances.

Hope this helps.


Re: Cisco WLAN and Dell Laptops

We're predominantly Dell/broadcom too and have not encountered the issue you described. I don't remember if we were running the product on that version of code, we're 4.1 now. Do the clients stop working permanently or just for a short period. Is it all the Dell wireless cards or just a certain family?

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