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cisco WLC 5760 web authetication

How cisco WLC 5760 configure the WLAN that use web authentication with lobby admin and guest account using GUI  and CLI.

Any disadvantage using internal database for the guest account ? any limitation?


Please refer

Please refer

Cisco Employee

The local user database

The local user database stores the credentials (username and password) of all the local network users. These credentials are then used to authenticate the users. You can configure local network users either through the GUI or the CLI. You can enter up to 24 alphanumeric characters. All the special characters can be used when you configure username and passwords though CLI, but the single quote character cannot be used when you configure username and password through GUI.

From the CLI, use these commands to create a local net user:.

  • config netuser add <username> <password> wlan <wlan_id> userType permanent description <description> —Adds a permanent user to the local user database on the WLC.

  • config netuser add <username> <password> {wlan | guestlan} {wlan_id | guest_lan_id} userType guest lifetime seconds description <description>—Adds a guest user on a WLAN or wired guest LAN to the local user database on the WLC.

From the GUI, you can configure local net users from the Security > AAA > Local Net Users page.

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How many user can the

How many user can the internal database support?

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