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Cisco WLC slow performance

Hi im having trouble with Lan speeds, the network consists of one cisco 887 router a Cisco 2504 WLC and 7 1600 series CAP access points.

i have tested today with just the Router connected to the Lan controller and the ap powered from the Lan controller, so there are no other devices connected, i have also created a new SSId and disabled the SSID that was in production, i have 1 registered connection in the lan controller summary.

i have run numerous iperf to a local iperf server test and am getting a max of 16mb, the wireless network is WPA 2 aes and i have a wireless connection speed of 144Mb.

can anyone give me some advice as to what may be the problem, Oh and i have tried different access point and cat 5 cables just in case.

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Hi Nick,Post below output

Hi Nick,

Post below output from your WLC while your client connected & getting this performance.

(WLC) >show client detail <MAC addr>

Also if possible do a iperf test while iperf server is another wireless client connected the same AP as iperf client.



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Hi Alli managed to fix the

Hi All

i managed to fix the problem, QOS of the WLAN was set incorrectly, now im getting 70MBPS through iperf.


thank you for your time.

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Nick,Would you please share


Would you please share with us the QOS values you changed. Sounds like a good learning oppt.


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How is this "local iperf

How is this "local iperf server" connected?  Is it connected to the router? 


Can you try connecting two wireless clients to the SSID and do an iPerf test over wireless?

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