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cisco1231A AP, LED indicators


Does anyone have any resources on what the different LED indicators mean in CiscoAironet1231 AP.

I ma trying to upgrade an autonomous 1231AP to LAP, and after everything is finished the LED go blinking Green-Red-Amber in a sequence. The con terminal says "attempting to join the CAPWAP la la la......... cant find log server settings for DHCP.......couldnt discover WLC using DHCP IP". the AP seems to be getting IP. Is it something to do with AP-Manager. I can see the converted AP in WCS but cant change anything or apply any templates either.

Besides, I have seen unsuccessful replies around for this question, however, again, does anyone know of any WLC simulator. something like Packettracer??


Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators

Hi Winter,

LWAPP/CAPWAP APs find the controller in a few different ways. Are anyone of of these configured?

1. DHCP option 43

2. DNS

3. Manual prime

You can try manual prime if 1 and 2 arent set. Drop into the console of the ap and type lwapp ap controller ip address . Add the managment IP address of the controller you want the ap to join.

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Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators

Just how did you convert the AP to LWAP?  Did you use the conversion tool?

Nice post George (+5).

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Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators

Another  question, regarding Aggressive Load Balancing.

Once I set the  load balancing in WLC (lets suppose, enable aggressive load balancing,  client window size 20, denial threshold count 3), will this setting  automatically go global as soon as I apply? Saying that will this load  balancing appear for all the APs connected to that WLC? If I go a  individual AP, can I change the client window size to 15 or 30, denial  threshold count 5? or can I disable "Aggressive load balancing" in WLC  but in an individual AP, set the maximum client association number  ??Will any of this work??

I have 4402WLC and around 40 APs. there are 3 APs  functional n standalone . Will this cause any issues? I have some heat  zones where there are huge numbers of clients. But the clients dont seem  to be connecting to anyone except the very closest one. Say, Room1 and  Room2 with AP1 and AP2 respectively. Room 1 has 50 clients and room 2,  none. ALL 50 are connecting to AP1. How can I make the clients to go to  AP2 or AP3 without Aggressive Load Balancing?

Also, Aggressive  Load Balancing doesnt seem to be effective against clients that ignore  Reason Code17, are there any options??

Thank you in advance.

Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators


You are on target with your statement. Clients that dont honor reason code 17 still attempt and will be grated access to APs while load balance is enabled. If you are running voice, cisco recommends that you dont use ALB.

When shaping who and what ap a client should roam to adds challenges. If you have high density, you my want to consider enabling both a and g radios and allow the clients to load balance this way ...

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
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Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators

Gday George,

thanx for the suggestions. i have tried few methods and the ones you have mentioned as well. recently noticed that the WLAN driver on our laptops has 802.11b only enabled, aggressive roaming was medium, tranmission power was medium. changed all the setting to support b/g or b/g/n, highest aggressive roaming. Still it doesnt seem to be effective. the client doesnt seem to be going any furhter than the "closet of all" AP. What would you look into?

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Re: cisco1231A AP, LED indicators

Hi Leo, I converted the standalone AP to LWAPP with the cisco upgrade tool using the upgrade image.

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