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Ciso WiSM 2 redundancy management-gateway-failover disable


We are having behavior issue with our WiSM 2 communications across the RMI. We have observed switch overs because of keep alive responses. We were advised to disable the Managment Gateway Fail over which we did in a lab test whoich caused both W2's to re-boot. That being said what exactly are we taking away from our HA eviroment by configuring the command- redundancy management-gateway-failover disable ?

Am I correct-

Priamary WiSM 2 sends ICMP to the gateway over managment address and standby sends ICMP over the redundancy address (which makes sense as that all it can be in regards to standy-by) however if configure the command to disable the managemnt gateway failover I am correct in saying that redundancy AP SSO as only sending ICMP's via the Redundacy IP addresses on both sides in 1 second intervals. 

Also isn't it best practice to have each pair on it's own VLAN for redundancy management?



Andrew Summers 

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