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Clean Air Question

Ok so I understand CleanAir and its deploment however I am trying to get my hea around these scenarios.

If I deploy 3500 access points pervasivly and wanted to deploy monitor mode access points for wIDS would I just deploy 1142s as monitor aps for wIDS as I do not need a 3500 as an overlay as I have these deployed pervasively?

Is the 3500 incorporated into Spectrum Expert yet as I cannot find details?


Re: Clean Air Question

You could use a 1130/1242/1142 for Monitor mode AP, as they are not going to be servicing clients anyway.

As for 3500 to Spectrum Expert, yes it is/going to be integrated in the 4.x release of the software.  Not 100% sure on the release date, but should be soon.

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Clean Air Question

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