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Clear or modify env_vars?

I've got a big stack of statically-addressed autonomous AP1130s which I'm converting to LWAPP. Unfortunately, the LWAPP conversion tool loads the AP with the IOS_STATIC_IP_ADDR from env_vars, not the address from the running config.

So my question is, if I simply delete this file and reload, will it boot up correctly and recreate the file from the data in the running config? Or is there any way to directly edit the file, or overwrite it via tftp?

My goal is to be able to convert the AP without having to pull it down out of the ceiling and console into it. If it were just 1 or 2, no problem... for a whole campus, I need a working hands-off solution.


Re: Clear or modify env_vars?


i have had a variety of results from upgrading to LWAPP, mainly the fact that if they had a static IP address did not cause a problem. Once the AP's have joined the controller you can simply click on the details of the AP and de-select the "AP Static IP" tick box and leave it to DHCP on next reload.

On other occassions (like today) i had to clear the configs once upgraded and leave them to DHCP.

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Re: Clear or modify env_vars?

Go ahead and delete it..write erase as well and reload...should work fine. Also make sure your switch port is configured as an access point for the respective vlan.

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