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Clients won't deauthenticate from WLC5508

First I'll give you the setup.  We have 18 3502i's in a one floor environment.  We also have two controllers with the AP's split up between them. 

We have the need for about 60 IP addresses, so we have configured an interface group with 3 VLAN's to provide the amount of IP's necessary.

We are having an issue where users will lose their IP (DHCP lease), however, they won't deauthenticate from the WLC.  This keeps them from being able to get a new ip. 

Any ideas besides increasing the DHCP lease timer?  My thoughts are that it might be because we don't have the Foreign Maps configured between the two controllers.  I didn't think that needed to be configured if the WLC's were on the same subnet.  Am I wrong?

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