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CMX Analytics Zone cleanup


I've installed CMX Analytics 7.6 according to the user guide ( and setup zones in Prime v1.4, so far so good.

My problem is that I have old zones showing up in the CMX Analytics dashboard where I can select a zone and create reports. First I thought it takes a moment to sync and the zones disappear but they stick for over a month now.

What I tried so far:

1. Resynced maps with MSE engine in Prime

2. Rebooted MSE

3. Rebooted CMX Analytics module

4. Updated Maps in CMX Analytics with refresh and update button

No effect. Old zones and maps that are no longer in Prime but still in CMX and clutter the dropdown interface.

How can I remove them?

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Deleting Floor Maps If you

Deleting Floor Maps

If you remove any data for floors, building, or campus from the PI, is not deleted from the CMX Dashboard. You have to delete the information from the CMX Dashboard UI.

To delete a floor map, complete these steps:

Step 1 Choose Points of Interest from the left side bar menu.

Step 2 Go to System Campus > Venue > Floor.

Step 3 Click Delete Floor.

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I have been to the dashboard

I have been to the dashboard and updated the maps with button shown.

The only maps displayed at Points of Interest are the ones I want to use,

however CMX analytics still shows all old maps as before.

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