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CMX / MSE 7.4 - Time-of-Day rule

With Cisco ISE, we can define time-based rules (example: if 2am, user Nancy can't connect via VPN using a non-corporate laptop).

With MSE, can we have a rule:  if passenger walking through an airport between 4pm and 7pm, advertise the Happy Hour special for a restaurant in the terminal but don't advertise the special if it's after 7pm?


Cisco Employee

CMX / MSE 7.4 - Time-of-Day rule

CMX / MSE 7.4 - Time-of-Day rule

Refer to Rule section :

"...The Rules section allows the user to identify the  specific set of devices to which the analytics are to be applied. To  describe the subset of this data, parameterized rule types have been  created. Therefore, the rule for Date presents the user with valid dates  of devices in the database. The Time rule allows the user to specify  any hour and minute within 24 hours that a device was detected. Path  rules identify devices with possible start, finish, and intermediate  points on a path. A number of rules together constitute a rule set..."

Source : link posted by Ravi

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