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Compatability 871-W router and 1131 AP on same LAN

We have a situation (new setup) where clients can associate to either the 871-w or the 1131 w/open authentication and reach Internet. Users can also roam (according to the 1131 console) to the 871-w and continue to work. Users cannot roam back to the 1131 from an association on the 871-w, although the 1131 shows them as associated, so does the 871-w and their traffic goes no where. Are these two devices compatable>?

Topology: 871-w with wireless enabled and 1131 trunked thru the 871-w's switch port.

Previous post in LAN group, resulted in following suggestion: discrete channels for both devices and reduce coverage with power output drop.

Neither one of these seems to help. Problem is not association, but dis-association from 871-w. Client can "roam" to the 871-w from the 1131, but cannot roam back (therefore 871-w still think it has client and - presumably, will not forward MAC to other AP b/c it think MAC lives on its own wireless. Any suggestions?

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