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Configure Cisco WAP 1242 without Wireless Access Controller

How do I configure a Cisco 1242 WAP if I do not have a Wireless Access Controller. The unit has recieved a DHCP address from my network, but I cannot telnet nor web into the device. The Cisco getting started guide says that you can revert it to autonomous mode but then points you to different websites that are quite confusing (they talk about only how to configure LWAPP with Wireless Access Controllers).


Brad Nagel


Re: Configure Cisco WAP 1242 without Wireless Access Controller


It is possible to revert the AP to autonomous mode by performing a factory reset (powering up the AP while holding down the mode button on the AP for approx. 20 sec - until the factory reset message appears on the serial port and/or the status light should turn amber) and having the AP load autonomous AP firmware from your own PC running a SOLARWINDS TFTP server (other brands may not work correctly).

Your TFTP server will need to have the appropriate firmware for an autonomous AP on it prior to doing this.

The AP will be addressed to and will be looking for a TFTP server at a specific IP address:

This will enable you to operate the AP in Autonomous mode - useful for performing site surveys, etc.

Note: You will need to convert the AP back to lightweight mode later to enable it to be controlled by the WLC.


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