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configure vlans on a NM-AIR-WLC6 running on a 2811 gateway

My question is ass followed:

I have a 2811 ISR with an NM-AIR-WLC6.

I have the configuration built as told in the documentation but clients when connected don't get an ip address from the dhcp server.

The 2811 is an additional gateway in the network and is not the default gateway.

On the 2811 i have configured both FastEthernet interfaces. On (fa0/0) connected to a switch which that has the accesspoints connected to it. The other

(fa0/1.X) is connected to the LAN-switch configured as a trunk port to support the lan's vlans.

Vlans on the wired network are working fine but don't seem to be passed through to this 2811's fa0/1.x . I created a "interface wlan-controller 1/0.4 and set the ip address which is the default gateway from the controller and also put it on encapsulation dot1q.

I have read serveral documents but don't seem to find the confiuration example that has my kind of situation.

Can somebody help me on getting this to work ??

Kind regards,

Stefan Lunenborg

The Netherlands


Re: configure vlans on a NM-AIR-WLC6 running on a 2811 gateway

Here are some basic rules that one should remember when configuring multiple VLANs in a wireless network.

a) Ensure that the ports connecting the WLC, the default gateway are configured as trunk ports.

b) Ensure that the native VLANs configured on the WLC and the switch match.

c) Ensure that all VLANs that are used in the network are allowed on the switch trunk ports.

d) Sub-interfaces must be configured on the default gateway for all the VLANs.

New Member

Re: configure vlans on a NM-AIR-WLC6 running on a 2811 gateway

Dear Mr. Drolemc

I've checked the vlans on the WLCM as well as ont the 2811 but still not able to get it to work. Also i am not able to ping the ip-adresses i've configured on the created sub-interfaces of the wlan-controller.

I've heard that there were some issues with trunking the FastEthernet interfaces that are on the router. Somebody advised me to place an HWIC-4ESW to create switching-functionality to the 2811 and the NM-WLC6.

Can you confirm that this is a good idea ?

Kind regards,

Stefan Lunenborg

The Netherlands

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