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Controller Recommendation


Is there a tool to identify if I have X number of access-point I should use this controller model.

So far my requirement is to understand

which controller model supports upto 8 Access points.

Do the Controller supports all AP models.

StandAlone AP are expensive than some other model used with Controller, I didnt understand this??

Which are cost effective AP model working with Controller, how many users does it supports(concurrent).

What are other critirea to look into before purchasing AP and Controller


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Re: Controller Recommendation

Cisco Interactive Product Advisor (Wireless)

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Re: Controller Recommendation

Which controller model supports upto 8 AP?

Do you want a stand-alone appliance or a module? The WLC-2106 can support 6, 12, or 25 APs. The 28/37/38xx ISR with Controller Network modules can support 6, 8, 12, or 25 APs.

Do the Controller supports all AP models?

Depends on the firmware you are running.

What are other critirea to look into before purchasing AP and Controller?

I can go on and on regarding what controllers and/or what APs you want. You need to provide more information regarding the nature of your design.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Controller Recommendation

Don't forget bandwidth.

In the maze of controller model AP licenses and the slightly shocking kicks on numbers from the global price list, what's often overlooked is that in a normal setup, *all* *wireless* *traffic* will go through the WLC(s). Even with some aggressive overbooking, there are limits to what each model can do, those limits already plunged with dual-band APs and just went deeply south with 802.11n, making the classic license packages increasingly look strange. I wouldn't recommend the 2106 for anything but warehouse PDA use anymore, and even that feels like a short-sighted investment.

Just assuming 8 1140-series APs (which may be way off, given the lacking site survey and the fact that one AP per floor somehow feels very SPoF-ish), that gives roughly 200mbps per AP (as a realistic summary contribution by both radios, with 5GHz doing 40MHz channels), so you are overbooked with anything smaller than a 4402, and *at* *least* should have Gigabit.

But I assume that's what you meant by "going on and on" ;)

It's just surprisingly seldom spelled out clearly in pre-sales shows, when it's actually the most relevant design factor (for the LAN that has to carry the front-side and LWAPP/CAPWAP traffic as well)...


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Re: Controller Recommendation

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Re: Controller Recommendation


I need a standalone controller and not a module. I understand the controller will be installed in main computer room and will control all the AP.

We have offices on each floor and needs to enable wireless on those areas.

in Total 7 Floors ( One office in each floor ) and main computer room on another floor. Each floor has L2 Switch and connect to main computer room with Fiber. Each floor has around 35 users.

One office space is big and have walls in between and gibson board, how do I identify wireless will work??

can you help with recommended AP model and controller model.

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Re: Controller Recommendation

Hi Amin,

Just to add a note to the great info so far from Leo (+5 points for this Leo :)

**The first step to determine AP coverage and suitability is to perform the requisite "Site Survey", but here are a couple of thoughts.

The 5500 Series "Stand-Alone" WLC probably offers the most flexability for your Enterprise going forward;

Designed for 802.11n performance and maximum scalability, the 5500 Series can support 12, 25, 50,100 or 250 access points for business-critical wireless services at locations of all sizes. The 5500 Series offers upgrade licenses so that additional access point support and software features can be added as your wireless network evolves.

For your AP model, I think the 1140 Series would be an excellent place to start;

Cisco Aironet 1140 Series

Hope this helps!


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Re: Controller Recommendation

Thanks to LEO and JUN.

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Re: Controller Recommendation

Thanks for the ratings!

I strongly agree with Jon. I recommended the basic model (2100) because I don't know your financial budget for this project.

Firstly, a Wireless LAN Site Survey is definitely a must. You need two: Pre-Install and Post-Install. A Site Survey will definitely be a valuable tool to assist you in the LOCATION of the AP's you need to install, the CORRECT NUMBER of AP's per floor and CORRECT MODEL.

As per Jon's recommendation, the 1140 and 5508 is THE best match. Contact your nearest authorized Cisco retailer. Cisco has a 5508+1140 combo package pricing available. I'm sure this will interest your organization immensely.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Controller Recommendation

I meant ROB not Jon. :P

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