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Controllers and Displayed Antenna Types

Our site's access points are a majority of 1242APs with some 1230s. They all are using external diversity antennas. Noticed that the controllers list under the details of all a/b/g radios as having 0 x 0.5dmb gain.

WCS shows the same gain value, and also shows 4941 (rubber-duck) models for the 802.11b/g types, and 5135d-r models for the 802.11a types.

Selecting the proper models that are actually in place - 2010's and 5170's, the gain is increased. One b/g radio I tested this on now shows 12 x 0.5dmb = 6dmb current gain.

I was pretty sure a higher gain with directional antenna's is a good thing, but not sure in the world of lwapp and auto-rf. I guess the controllers may be showing those other models as default because they have no gain to begin with? Just want to get some input before I consider correcting the values at my sites. Thanks in advance


Re: Controllers and Displayed Antenna Types

You are rite that a directional antenna provides higher gain traversing greatest distance. But the coverage will be very less.

Whereas, an omni-directional antenna's coverage will be more but the distance or range it traverses will be comparatively less. This should also be applicate Lightweight AP and controllers.

Refer for more information on antennas.

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Re: Controllers and Displayed Antenna Types

Thanks for the update! TAC explained to me that the specific model antenna type is not used in auto-rf calculations and only comes into play when plotting them on maps for heat signature accuracy?

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